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The Kornyakt Palace

The Kornyakt Palace (6 Rynok Square) represents an extremely valuable Renaissance monument dating to 1580; it was the palace of the wealthiest citizen in the whole history of Lviv - the merchant Constantine Kornyakt.

Later, it was a Royal Mansion: the property and residence of Polish King Jan Sobieski.


Greek by origin, originally from Crete, Constantine Kornyakt settled in Lviv in the 16th century. He controlled the wine trade along the entire Black Sea coast; he was a benefactor, an experienced and wise man who spoke many eastern languages. Thanks to Kornyakt we can take delight in many marvellous architectural gems of the Renaissance period in Lviv. This stone house was built for him by Italian architect Peter of Barbone in the place of two former houses. According to the laws of the time, all houses situated in Rynok Square could have not more than three windows along the façade; this was a so-called rule of equal opportunity, as each window of the ground floor could be used to accommodate a workshop, a shop, a chemist’s, or for advertising purposes. The richest citizen in Lviv and a merchant, Constantine Kornyakt could not violate this rule; only later, for his services to Polish kings, did he acquire the title of nobleman and a permit to construct a palace with six windows.


Inside the building at the second floor works an exhibition of Lviv History Museum.


Address:Rynok Square, 6